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General information

Where can I see my balance in the app? You can find out your balance, top up or withdraw coins to your account in the Wallet section. How to open Wallet?
  1. Click “Profile” in the lower right corner
  1. Click Wallet in the upper right corner

Problems with withdrawing coins

Withdrawal transactions blocked
  1. You have not passed identity verification
  1. We have detected unusual transactions that violate our rules.
How to withdraw funds to your bank account?
  1. Click “Profile” in the lower right corner
  1. Click Wallet in the upper right corner
  1. Click Withdrawal and fill out the form
  1. Click Withdrawal now
I can't withdraw funds, what should I do?
  1. You have correctly filled out all fields with data for transferring funds
  1. Funds can be transferred to your account
Withdrawals may take up to 15 calendar days due to the security of transfers. If you have not received your funds within the specified period, please report the problem to us. Send a detailed description of the problem and attach screenshots to [email protected]

Problems with purchasing coins

What are coins and how to top up your balance?
You can buy and use coins in the app to buy, sell, and promote video content. You can create, buy, sell and send NFTs videos and pay for services with coins purchased in the app. Also, as a donation, when watching stream broadcasts and launching online battles between users of the application.
How to buy coins?
  1. Click “Profile” in the lower right corner
  1. Click Wallet in the upper right corner
  1. Click Deposit, select the package of coins you want to buy.
Important! All in-app purchases are made using the payment method associated with your AppStore or Google Play account.
The coins did not arrive in my account after payment
If you have not received coins:
  1. Crediting coins takes some time.
  1. Try restarting the application and opening the Wallet page to check your balance
  1. If the coins are not credited to your account, please send a full description of your problem and a screenshot of receipts for purchases in the AppStore or Google Play. You will find the receipt in a letter from the AppStore or Google Play. Your email must include information about your order ID, transaction amount and payment time to [email protected]

How to remove your profile

We're saddened to see you depart, yet we recognize that at times things may not align. To proceed with removing your profile, navigate to “Profile”, select “Edit profile”, and choose “Delete account” found at the screen’s end.
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Coins purchase settings and other premium features payment options

Based on your device, purchasing coins can be done through your Apple/Google/Huawei account or by using a credit card.
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To withdraw funds, you will need to undergo verification for security purposes.

Issues with purchasing coins? Here's what to do

Firstly, ensure your card has sufficient balance and that there are no holds or limitations on transactions. Consider using an alternative card or adding funds to your iTunes/Google Play/Huawei account. Should these steps not resolve the issue, please contact us at [email protected]