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Broadcast what is happening in real time. Get donations

Watch, create, and share fun 15-120 second videos on any topic, from comedy sketches and dance challenges to educational explainers and ASMR. Customize your feed to see more of what you love. Authors can monetize their content through tipping, virtual gifts, and exclusive NFT sales.

Collect rare digital art and assets by purchasing authenticated NFTs on our marketplace from talented creators. Show off your purchases in your metaverse profile. Trade and resell NFTs you own.

Broadcast livestreams to engage directly with your subscribers and let your personality shine. Go solo or add guests. Mods can monitor chats and filter comments. Fans can donate during streams to support you.

Put your game knowledge and prediction skills to the test by wagering on competitive online battles between top players. Choose your fighter and bet tokens on matches in sports, esports, card games, and more. Compete in our free contests. Join our inclusive community!

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